South Florida resident Esther Williams (1955) was the original bathing beauty and MGM musical star in the 1940s and 1950s.


Then and Now

         One thing hasn't changed in 100 years on Miami Beach ... Pretty women wearing pretty swimwear has always been, and remains a most popular spectator sport.

         For the past four years, the MDPL Fashion Show has attracted a crowd, and 2015's Fifth Annual event is sure to do the same.



January 17, 2015

         Another important event in Art Deco Weekend 2015's celebration of Miami Beach's 100th Year is MDPL releasing its first CD, "DECO MOON OVER MIAMI" ... featuring a collection of compositions and songs by an eclectic group of musicians who've performed at previous Art Deco Weekend celebrations.

         The music on the disc is sure to be taken to an even higher level (at the CD Release Party and Live Performance) when played by many of the featured musicians including:


(Miami's Own Afro-Cuban Jam Band, voted South Florida's best by critics and fans alike)

• Doug Wimbish

• Allan Harris

• Alex Baugh & The Crazy Carls

• Ladell McLin

• David Pastorius   ... and any number of Miami's finest who always turn out for such a jam.




Information about the release of Deco Moon Over Miami, featuring songs and compositions by a group of eclectic artists who've played previous Art Deco Weekends, the CD is the first music disc produced by MDPL.

         Also this year, we're honored to host the World Premiere of "The Bridge," written and played by Art Deco Weekend Musical Director, electric bassist Doug Wimbish and jazz vocalist/guitarist Allan Harris.

         The show honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and the thousands of Civil Rights activists who fought throughout the 1960s, is scheduled for Live Broadcast by our generous sponsor, WDNA (88.9) PUBLIC RADIO, MIAMI.


GO TO "THE STAGE" for more information, and where, when available, we'll post the specific time for "The Bridge" (both the show and the WDNA broadcast). "The Stage" is also where you'll find how to purchase the Deco Moon Over Miami CD.


Midnight In Miami     

         The Salon offers you an opportunity to (as Owen Wilson did in Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris") use your imagination, and travel back in your mind to an arguably more thoughtful time. A Luminous Era, when writers, artists, musicians, and otherwise interesting personalities gathered to discuss art, politics, and the quality of life. Books & Books?





• Christian Howes (Violinist w/Les Paul)

• Adam Falcon (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist w/George Benson / Nona Hendryx)

• Vinx (Singer/Percussionist w/Sting / Stevie Wonder)

Pachito el Requinto



January 17, 2015

         The Miami Design Preservation League presents the World Premiere of "The Bridge," a musical production (concert), featuring Art Deco Weekend Musical Director (Living Colour bassist) Doug Wimbish and (NYC jazz vocalist/guitarist) Allan Harris, who have written, and will play the show as a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and the thousands of activists who, fifty years ago, fought courageously to secure Civil Rights for ALL AMERICANS.

         Saturday (January 16, 2015) the first public performance of "The Bridge," will be Broadcast Live (7PM-8PM) on Art Deco Weekend 2015 sponsor WDNA (88.9).

         Stay tuned for a more detailed schedule, and how to purchase tickets for the show.


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