The original (1941) Moon Over Miami theatrical trailer ... With Betty Grable at the height of her

million-dollar leg fame, one of the most memorable and "picturesque" South Florida  movies.


A List

Hollywood movies in which Miami Beach makes a significant appearance.


• 2 Fast 2 Furious (The second in popular series set in Miami /2003 /TRAILER)

• Absence of Malice (Paul Newman as subject of Miami Herald reporter Sally Field / 1981)

Absence of Malice Trailer

• Any Given Sunday

• Bad Boys

• Band of the Hand (Miami Vice producer Michael Mann's first feature-length movie/ 1986)

Band of the Hand Trailer)

• The Bellboy (Jerry Lewis slapstic at the Fontainebleau / 1960)

• Big Trouble (The release of Dave Barry's bomb-plot story had to be postponed because of 9-11)

Big Trouble Trailer #1 / Big Trouble Trailer #2

• Black Sunday

• The Birdcage

• Body Heat (1981 Film Noir with Kathleen Turner and William Hurt /TRAILER)

• Caddy Shack

• Casino Royale (2006, first 007 with Daniel Craig at Miami "Anatomy" Art show and MIA)

Casino Royale Trailer #1 / Casino Royale Trailer #2 / Casino Royale In Miami

• Clambake (1967 Elvis Presley was a Miami Beach hotel worker and boat racer in the 1967 movie that finishes with a race at the Miami Marine Stadium. / TRAILER)

• Cocoanuts (The Marx Brothers' first feature-length film set at a Resort Hotel during Floida's 1920s Land Boom.)

• Criss Cross

• Deep Throat (Classic [first mainstream X-Rated movie] made in a Miami Beach hotel /1972)

• Inside Deep Throat (Documentary / 2005 / TRAILER)

• Lovelace (

• Flipper

• Flying Down to Rio

• Gentle Ben

• Get Shorty

• The Godfather II (Much of the 1974 sequel takes place in Miami Beach, Hyman Roth's home.)


Starring The Fontainebleau

         In a 50 year career, James Bond (007) made frequent trips to Miami, none so noteable than his stay at Morris' Lapidus' Fontainebleau at the beginning of 1964's "Goldfinger."

         The Internationally Famous curved structure makes cameo appearances in many movies, and is the featured setting for Jerry Lewis' "Bellboy," made in 195 .

• Goldfinger (1964, Third in the James Bond [007] series with it's Miami Beach opening /TRAILER)

• The Happening (1968 A campy caper movie wAnthony Quinn, Faye Dunaway /TRAILER)

Diana Ross & The Supremes "The Happening"

• Lady In Cement

• Marley and Me

• Matinee

• Maximum Bob

• Mean Season (Murder Myster with Kurt Russell as a Miami Herald reporter / 1985)

Mean Season Trailer

• Miami Blues

• Miami Rhapsody

• Miami Vice

• Moon Over Miami

• Murph the Surf (1975 Biography abouut Miami Beach cat jewel theif Jack Roland Murphy)

• Nude on the Moon

• Ocean Ave.

• Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

• Poppi

• Porky's

• Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise

• Scarface (1980s Miami Cocaine Cowboy w/Al Pacino /1983 /TRAILER)

• Smokey and the Bandit II

• Step Up Revolution

• Striptease (Carl Hiaasen's funny book made into a "Worst of the Year" movie in 1996 / TRAILER)

Demi Moore Striptease Scene / Annie Lennox "Money Can't Buy It"

• There's Something About Mary

• Thunderball

• Tony Rome

• Transporter 2

• True Lies

• Up Close & Personal

• Wild Things

• William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet

• Where the Boys Are (1960 College romp that popularized "Spring Break" in Fort Lauderdale)

Allan Arkush 3-minute "Where the Boys Are" documentary

• Wrestling Ernest Hemingway

Where The Boys Are

         The Original Spring Break (1960) put Fort Lauderdale on the "place-to-be" map.

Ocean Drive Dance Studio

         Step Up Revolution made (very) good use of Ocean Drive and classic Art Deco Hotels as a back drop for the movie's opening dance scene featuring hip-hop dancers and hydraulic low-riders and muscle cars.