The Other Way

After what can often be an overwhelming assault on one's senses walking along Miami Beach's world-famous OCEAN DRIVE, the lesser known LINCOLN ROAD is a nearby, more leisurely alternative to the noisy beachfront carnival atmosphere responsible for the island's reputation.


Café Society

Welcome to Art Deco Weekend's Café Society Salon, a place to take a break from what can be a chaotic Ocean Drive. Looking on the beach for that Paris-In-the-30s artistic quality, LINCOLN ROAD was an obvious choice. Home to many of South Florida's finest galleries, studios, restaurants, theaters, clubs, shops, and otherwise. 

           Along the pedestrian way, one of the longest standing, most comfortable spots is Mitch Kaplan's original Books & Books, and there could be no better place to have The Salon.



Gertrude Stein

Sitting in Judgement  


Many have called Gertrude Stein's Salon at 27 Rue de Fleurus, Paris "The First Museum of Modern Art" ... and Gertrude, her brother Leo, and her lifetime companion Alice B. Toklas were the curators and, at the time, the arbiters of good taste.

         The Salon was a Mecca for the modern-minded, the international elite, the principal attraction being the impressive art collection, as good as most national museums.

           Highlights included Cézanne's oils and watercolors, the early pictures by Matisse and Picasso, the paintings by Renoir, Manet, Gauguin, and Toulouse-Lautrec.

         The walls of their atelier were hung to the ceiling with now-famous paintings, the double doors of the dining room were lined with Picasso sketches. In the early decades of the century, hundreds of visitors flocked to the display of vanguard art: many came to scoff, but several went away converted.


It was a brilliant scene, and a historic one.





Midnight In Miami

Bring your imagination, and allow your visit to The Salon be your opportunity to (as Owen Wilson did in Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris"), travel back in your mind, to an arguably more thoughtful time.

           The Luminous Years (1930s) Paris, when the "Lost Generation" of writers, artists, musicians, and in other ways interesting personalities gathered to discuss art, politics, and the quality of life.




Live music is scheduled throughout the Weekend at The Salon.



Miami's Favorite, Local ("305") Afro-Cuban Jam Band

Voted South Florida's Best by critics and fans alike

• Doug Wimbish

• Allan Harris

• Alex Baugh & The Crazy Carls

• Ladell McLin

• David Pastorius  

• Christian Howes

• Adam Falcon

• Vinx

... and any number of Miami's finest who always turn out for such a jam.



The Bridge


Saturday /January 17, 2015

           The Miami Design Preservation League presents the World Premiere of "The Bridge," a musical production (concert), featuring Doug Wimbish (Art Deco Weekend Musical Director/ Living Colour bassist) and (NYC jazz vocalist/guitarist) Allan Harris, who have written a show, that they will play as a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and the thousands of activists who, fifty years ago, fought to secure Civil/Voting Rights for ALL AMERICANS.

           7PM — The first public performance of "The Bridge," will be Broadcast Live (7PM-8PM) on WDNA (88.9), Art Deco Weekend 2015 sponsor.


"The Lost Generation"

A&E Documentary — 1930s Paris


"Paris: The Luminous Years"

Gertrude Stein /Salon 27 /1930s Paris




Mitchell Kaplan (Books & Books)

Barbara Gillman (Gallery Owner, Curator, as Gertrude Stein)

Herman Leonard (Jazz Photography Display)

Mitch Glazer (Writer / Producer "Magic City"

Lenny Kravitz

Steven Bauer (Actor / "Scarface")

Andy Garcia

Arturo Sandoval


Philip Levine (Miami Beach Mayor)

Bob Graham

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Jeb Bush

Joe Kernan (Vice Admiral [ret.] Deputy Commander U.S. Southern Command)


Carl Hiaasen

Dave Barry

Edna Buchanan

David Lawrence

Laura Kelly

Jim DeFede


The Surf Club

Tom Austiin (Author / Ocean Drive Magazine / Miami New Times / "The Surf Club")

Richard Meier (Surf Club Architect / Pritzker Prize Winner)

Nadim Ashi (Miami Developer / Fort Capital Management / Surf Club Hotel & Residences)


Patrick Farrell (Two-time Pulitzer Prize winning Miami Herald photographer)

Brian Smith (Pulitzer Prize winning Miami Herald / Freelance photographer / Author)

Jim Morin (Pulitzer Prize winning Miami Herald Editorial Cartoonist / Impressionist Painter)

Don Wright (Pulitzer Prize winning Miami News Editorial Cartoonist / Painter)

Michael O'Brien (Miami News / National Geographic Photographer)


Romero Britto (Pop Artist) britto.com

Emilio Perez (Painter)

Bruce Helander (Collagist)

Painters @ South Florida Arts Center


Maggie Pelleya (General Manager WDNA)

Ed Bell (WLRN)

CBS Miami


The Miami Herald

Alexandra Villoch (President and Publisher [first female] Miami Herald Media Co.)

Aminda 'Mindy' Marqués Gonzalez (Miami Herald Executive Editor, 305-376-3429)

Rick Hirsch (Miami Herald Managing Editor, 305-376-3504)

Myriam Marquez (El Nuevo Herald Executive Editor)



1930s MIAMI

The Original Burdines

In 1930, Lincoln Road was still open to automobiles, and today's Art Center of South Florida building housed the original Burdines Department store.




2900 Oak Avenue, Miami, Florida, USA, 33133
+1 (305) 372-1812
Office Director: Sherri Gutierrez


Tom Murphy

— (Owner Coastal Construction)

Richard D. Fain

— (Chairman & CEO Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.)

Adam M. Goldstein

— (President and CEO Royal Caribbean International)

Wendy Beck

— (CFO and Executive Vice President Norwegian Cruise Lines)

Maggie Pelleya

—(General Manager WDNA)

Ed Bell



CBS Miami


Donna E. Shalala (UM President / Former Sec. Health and Human Services)

David Lawrence (UM School of Education and Human Development / Miami Herald Publisher)

Tom Julin (1st Ammendment Attorney)

Jon Cole

Kendall Coffey

Don Shula

Dan Marino

Will Smith

Bobby Allison

Gloria Estefan

Emilio Estefan


Jon Secada

Julio Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

Betty Wright

Ricky Martin

Andy Garcia

Deborah Harry

Samuel David Moore (Sam & Dave)




miami design preservation league

1001 Ocean Drive

Miami Beach, Florida 33139



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