DOUG WIMBISH and ALLAN HARRIS met at Art Deco Weekend 2014, and since then, have written a show to celebrate and honor those who sacrificed so much to secure CIVIL RIGHTS FOR ALL AMERICANS.

            "THE BRIDGE" takes from all eras and genres of African-American music, and considering the TIME & PLACE, Allan and Doug assemble a band they think will make for a good show.



Calling themselves The 21st Century Freedom Riders, the band plays as another thanks and respect for the activists who spread the original message of equality, and fought for African American Voting Rights throughout the mostly segregated southeastern United States.




The first Freedom Riders performance was a live radio broadcast at the WLRN studios in downtown Miami.

            ALLAN, was a frequent guest on Ed Bell's [South Florida Arts Beat] program, and Allan knew that Ed and his passionate studio audience of 30, were expecting the straight-ahead, NAT KING COLE-smooth voice that he's know for ... but having met DOUG after the booking, Allan thought it better, rather than trying to describe Doug and "The Bridge," the [South Florida Arts Beat] program, Friday at noon.

           This, after Allan, Doug, and Keith (drums) had met only four days earlier, and Jesse Jones Jr. (alto sax) and Howie Schneider (piano) were coming in totally cold, Scneider never even having met any of the others in the band.

 — video by dave hogerty (original noise)



With Martin Luther King Jr. and Art Deco falling on the same weekend,

Doug Wimbish (adw musical director) and Allan Harris (the jazz singer) decided to introduce "The Bridge" at ART DECO WEEKEND

                     [Miami Beach / Jan.17,2014]


           — Doug Wimbish (electric bass guitar)

           — Allan Harris (vocals/guitar)

           — Jesse Jones Jr. (alto saxophone)

           — Keith LeBlanc (drums)

           — Howie Schneider (piano)


That Saturday Night was cool and breezy, and Allan, Doug, and the "ALL-STARS" entertained LUMMUS PARK with one of the most electric and  memorable sets of music in Art Deco Weekend's 40-year history.

So enjoyable was the show that Allan and Doug were inspired to make another snap decision ...



"Cross That River"


Work on "The Bridge" would continue, making an effort to introduce the lead character in Allan's Cross That River, the album, and short novel.

            THE STORY OF BLUE, a rebelious, honorable, and dignified man, cotton picker. ESCAPES SLAVERY.UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS.BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON.

           LIVING COLOUR — "Under Cover Of Darkness"/Time's Up [1990]

           ROLLING STONES — "Under Cover Of Night"/Time's Up [1990]


Cotton Picker to Cowboy

ACROSS THE RED RIVER, from LOUISIANA to TEXAS where he works as

A FREE MAN — Sleeping under the same stars, Riding the same trail, herding the same cattle, sitting around the same fire, eating the same chili, and earning the same wage, as any other cowboy on the ride.


Blue joins the U.S. Army/Cavalry as a Buffalo Soldier.


"My Friend Sin" — BERNARD FOWLER

"Soldier's Blues" — LIVING COLOUR [L