NYC — Spinning popular clubs in the city (Crush, Bob's Lounge, Marquee, Happy Endings, Canal Room, Duvet, Sin Sin, White Rabbit), CORY HINKS (DJ Rampage Global) earned his reputation as one of the New Millennium's finest DJs.

           When playing a private party in Soho for Island Records founder Chis Blackwell, Rampage caught the attention of Lauryn Hill, who called the next day, and invited him to join her new band on its upcoming tour.

           Now, after five years with Ms. Hill, Rampage, "to make a change," has re-located to Miami, one step closer to his native Belize, and one step closer to his REGGAE ROOTS.


"Wadada" is one of Rampage's most popular Reggae mixtapes.

Always with his ear to the street, Rampage produces cutting edge, multi-genre, of-the-moment promotional mix-tapes, available for download on a number of sites online.


"Raw & Rugged (Hip-Hop)

"Suicide of a Nation" (After Hours)


When spinning live, Rampage has the most important ability to entertain whatever audience stands before him

... the ability to "PLAY THE ROOM," ANY ROOM.



— NovaSound


Rampage onstage in The Dominican Republic for The Dream Project, with Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish and guitarist Eric Gales.


DJ RAMPAGE GLOBAL (Cory Hinks) originally from Belize City, Central America, is now known as one of the world's most versatile DJ's, spinning in a variety of musical styles (Reggae, Rock, Dancehall, Rap, Funk, Hip-Hop, Pop, House, who, since she asked, has toured with ex-Fugee Lauryn Hill.


2003 — Rampage becomes an instructor at the renowned Scratch DJ Academy, teaching the fundamental skills of DJ’ing and Turntablism.


2005 — One of five  DJ's to headline The Bonnaroo Music Festival in collaboration with Scratch DJ Academy, Volkswagen, All Star Baseball, Stuff Magazine,The Pepsi Hip Hop Smash Tour, and Nike.


2006 /2007 /2008 — The Official Tour DJ FOR TRUTH © on The Scream Tour, Ball 4 Real, The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, Vans Warp Tour, and Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam Tours.

2010 — Caught the attention of Lauryn Hill, who after hearing him spinning a party for Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, asked Rampage to join her band.

— Tours with Ms. Hill have taken Rampage to Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, South and Central America, The Caribbean, Canada, and all across America, reinforcing his well deserved "GLOBAL" status.

w/Lauryn Hill

A short video following DJ Rampage Global from the bus to the stage to open a Lauryn Hill show in Los Angeles.


Vibe Magazine Q&A with DJ Rampage about his joining Lauryn Hill's band.