"Right Here" by Adam Falcon

           Today, after years known as a composer and guitarist in Broadway orchestras, on the road playing for singers such as Roberta Flack, Will Downing, and Whitney Houston; televison performances with Peter Gabriel; and opening sold-out stadium tours with the Bee Gees and Eric Clapton, Adam came to realize, (as his friends, fellow musicians, and teachers had ALWAYS insisted) that he should step forward as a singer, and be recognized for his own powerful voice.
           That time finally came, and the results clearly indicate that all those who had encouraged Adam had been right all along.
           Whether onstage in Manhattan clubs, Jazz & Blues festivals around the world, or on three solo records, (i, too, am COLORED, in black & white; Piece of Mine [EP], and most recently, Bohemian 959), Adam’s soulful voice, accompanied by his always recognizable virtuoso guitar, attracts the attention and praise of audiences, musicians, and journalists wherever he sings.


Adam with George Benson, his teacher, mentor, collaborator, and longtime personal friend. Sitting in with vibraphonist Roy Ayers at a Bronx club, with George Braith (saxophone), Harry Whitaker (keyboards), Emir Kassan (bass, and Dennis Davis (drums). With Nona Hendryx (top right), who appears on Adam's latest album Bohemian 959, and with Ronny Drayton, at a recent performance at John Drew Guild Hall (HopeStock) in New York.


w/ Joe Scott (k.), and Ray Levier (d.) at Sully's Pub & Tiki Bar (Hartford, Connecticut)

 — video by dave hogerty (original>>noise)


"I have been in tune to his playing and musical ideas for a long time, both as a guitar player and composer. Now I'm hearing him for the first time as a vocalist, and I like it." George Benson

"Adam Falcon's rock-infused funk and (pure) soul, recall the most honest of '70s Rhythm & Blues, reminding a listener of Shuggie Otis, Curtis Mayfield, and Marvin Gaye." — JAZZIZ Magazine

"Adam is like a breath of fresh air, full of life, light, and warm and soulful textures. His guitar sounds great, and I love the voicings used in the beautiful arrangement of 'Up From The Skies' (I, Too, Am Colored, In Black & White), one of my favorite songs of all time."

Vernon Reid (Living Colour)

"Taking the road less traveled is sometimes longer, yet infinitely more interesting. Adam's new record (Bohemian 959) has a wide variety of flavors and points to many influences, but with such an exceptional musical life before him, Adam has made a deeply personal statement."

Nona Hendryx



"PURE SOUL" ... Of all the accolades Adam receives, most simple and accurate might be one fan (writing to Adam’s website about his newest album Bohemian 959) who described Adam’s musical presence as an exhibition of “PURE SOUL!"

           Named after his childhood home, where the basement served as his first rehearsal space and most memorable stage, 959 represents the evolution and maturity of Adam’s musical soul ... a talented soul, influenced by the explosive ’60s, creatively shaped in the ’70s, professionally recognized throughout the ’80s, found its voice in the ’90s, and has grown more personal and powerful ever since.


BOHEMIAN 959 — On the cover of Adam Falcon’s newest album, Bohemian 959, nine-year old Adam is pictured holding a cardboard cutout he made to replicate Paul McCartney’s (one of his earliest musical inspirations) famed Hofner bass guitar. The picture was taken by his older sister outside their childhood home at 959 220th Street in the Bronx, the place where Adam's musical soul was born.


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