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— 1965


In the late 1950s and early 1960s. Early TV stars Arthur Godfrey and Jackie Gleason helped put Miami Beach on the national map with their shows taped at landmark hotels like the Fontainebleau and the Eden Roc.

The Rat Pack


Mohammad Ali

The Beatles ...


           An estimated four thousand Beatles' fans were present on 7 February 1964 as Pan Am Flight 101 left Heathrow Airport to see the Beatles off on their first trip to America.

           On 9 February 1964, the Beatles made their first live US television appearance. 73 million viewers—about two-fifths of the total American population—watched the group perform on The Ed Sullivan Show at 8 P.M. According to the Nielsen ratings audience measurement system, the show had the largest number of viewers that had been recorded for a US television program.

           Two days after their first television appearance, the Beatles' played their first US at Washington Coliseum, a sports arena in Washington, D.C. to an audience of 8000.

           Following the band's next day performance at Carnegie Hall, the Beatles flew to Miami Beach and on Sunday 16 February 1964 made their second television appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, which this time was broadcast live from the Napoleon Ballroom of the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach. As it had done on 9 February, the television broadcast attracted around 70 million viewers.

           On 22 February 1964, the Beatles returned to the UK. Arriving at Heathrow airport at 7 am, they were met by an estimated ten thousand fans


The Beatles met Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) at his Miami Beach gym on 5th Street where he trained throughout the 1960s.


Feb. 1964 ... The first of two memorable World Heavyweight Championship fights between Muhammad Ali (still Cassius Clay) and Sonny Liston, was won by Clay.