Art Deco Weekend 2015 celebrates 100 years of the good life on the world's most luxurious barrier island, just off Florida's southeast coast.


— 1935

CARL FISHER is credited with seeing the tourist/resort potential of Miami Beach, and literally built to bridge to South Florida's future.


           Carl Fisher also created the Lincoln Road shopping district, known as the “Fifth Avenue of the South.” Tourists flocked to South Beach over the bridge or on their yachts by way of the newly dug deep canals, to stay in the hotel and shop at the expensive stores on Lincoln Road.
           Seeing all the excitement, more visitors came to South Beach, along with people who wanted to buy land and build more hotels. By 1920, when an unprecedented county-wide land boom began, there were five hotels and lavish mansions owned by wealthy industrial families like the Firestones, J. C. Penny, Albert Champion and many others.

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