Art Deco Weekend 2015 celebrates 100 years of the good life on the world's most luxurious barrier island, just off Florida's southeast coast.


One of the earliest (turn-of-the-20th Century) post card images of Miami Beach, shows a natural ocean dune lined with randomly growing coconut palms.

           The first development was to carve out a narrow sand trail along the coast named Collin's Avenue, and then plant more coconut trees in a more organized (plantation) style, in an attempt to commercialize the new found barrier island.


• 1915-1925 — A Bridge to the Future, and the Agricultural to Tourism Conversion

• 1925-1935 — Prohibition, Gangsters, Land Boom, Depression, and the arrival of Art Deco

• 1935-1945 — A Hotel Explosion, and the Intersting, Uniquely Local Effect of WWII

• 1945-1955 — The Post-War Renaissance, and the Glamorization of Miami Beach

• 1955-1965 — Gleason, Sinatra, Elvis, Fidel, and an Influencial Cuban Migration

• 1965-1975 — Time Waits for No One, and "Death's Waiting Room"

• 1975-1985 — Cocaine, Columbia, Mariel, and Vice

• 1985-1995 — Versace, Fashion, and the lighting of Miami's Artistic Fuse

• 1995-2005 — A Creative Explosion with Designs on the Future

• 2005-2015 — The Party Never Stops!