"The World is a Ghetto"

— video by dave hogerty (original noise)


Allan and Doug opened their Art Deco Weekend 2014 performance with War's 1972 radio classic "The World is a Ghetto."

           Having connected creatively in their phone conversations and first rehearsal, the two almost immediately discussed a future collaboration, in which they would produce a show to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Voting Rights March (March 7, 1965) in Selma, Alabama, which came to be known as "Bloody Sunday."

           It was then they decided to work on versions of Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" and War's "The World is a Ghetto," both of which fit their common musical taste, and would also effectively fit the American Civil Rights narrative.


"Inner Fear"

— video by dave hogerty (original noise)


Both having been involved in their own world tours, and knowing how little time they would have to rehearse, Allan and Doug discussed the need to include well-known classics in their impromptu Art Deco (debut) set, but also agreed on the importance of playing a variety of tunes selected from their personal catalogs.

           "Inner Fear" was one such tune off Allan's 2012 CONVERGENCE album he recorded with pianist Takana Miyamoto.


"Fly Me to The Moon"

— video by dave hogerty (original noise)


Last year's Art Deco Weekend performance was the first time this line-up of musicians had appeared onstage together. Allan Harris, Doug Wimbish, and Keith Leblanc had rehearsed once the previous week ... Jesse Jones Jr. (and guest pianist Howie Schneider) joined the original three for a WLRN (Miami radio) broadcast the day (1/17/14) before Saturday's show, and keyboardist Michel Ferré played during the-day-of-show sound check.

           Seeing the show, you would have been hard-pressed to recognize how new the players were to each other, and after an exhilarating performance, the first thing Allan said enthusiastically after leaving the stage was "Imagine what we'll sound like rehearsed!"