The Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) announces an OPEN COMPETITION for the 37th Annual Art Deco Weekend Festival, an event started in 1976 to attract visitors to the Miami Beach Art Deco Historic District, and to raise awareness and appreciation of the arts and architectural beauty of the area now known as South Beach.


The theme for this year’s three day Ocean Drive festival is ART DECO AT PLAY.














Jim Soo Kim won the 2013 Barbara Baer Capitman Design Excellence Scholarship.

Kim is a student at the Miami Ad School.

Miami Beach Color Palette

The 37th Art Deco Weekend will celebrate toys, games and children’s characters from the Art Deco era (approximately 1925 - 1945). We are excited to celebrate the time when Shirley Temple danced and sang her way into our hearts, the Mickey Mouse comic strip was invented, and yo-yos came to America. Some of the most classic games like Scrabble and Monopoly were invented during the Art Deco era. Mahjong's and Dominoes had Bakelite tiles when they first hit the scene in the 1930s. The rubber duck become children's favorite bath toy and American’s enjoyed their first Girl Scout cookies. Future architects built their first buildings with their new Legos and Lincoln Logs, which were both invented during the deco decades. The Art Deco era was a magical time for children. In 2014, we will relive this playful time in history! We are looking to capture this theme in our 2014 Official Art Deco Weekend poster. The winner will receive a $2,000 scholarship prize to be used for educational related costs. Submissions must be received by September 30th at midnight to be considered.


Please visit MDPL’s Pintrest boards for more inspiration.
Art Deco at Play inspiration:

Prior years poster winners:

Example of Art Deco era advertising posters:




• Poster Size: 24 X 36 inches.

• Text must include:

Art Deco Weekend / Art Deco at Play / Ocean Drive, Miami Beach / January 17th-19th, 2014
• Art Deco Design Style must be represented.
• Entries must be original work (clip art is not accepted).
• Colors reflective of the Miami Beach color palette (above).




... From MDPL’s resident artist based on best selling posters from previous years (optional). Incorporate Miami Beach’s tropical theme by including palm trees
Include a person or people (or children) in 1930’s beach attire on the beach or water or perhaps on a bike or doing an activity. Perhaps an old time beach umbrella would be an interesting feature. The best selling Art Deco Weekend posters have sunny skies and turquoise Oceans. Make the poster fun, and remember toys are able to carry some of the suggested features, like palm trees etc. Game tiles (like Scrabble) make fun lettering. Make sure everything is Art Deco style.
When making use of commercial elements, please research "intellectual property" and "trademark" restrictions, as the inclusion of "protected" material could disqualify your entry. There are many toys can be represented with infringing on any trademarks such as pogo sticks, paper dolls, yo-yos, toy cars, wagons and others.


Please visit our Pintrest page for more toy ideas. Art Deco at Play inspiration board: http://pinterest.com/mdpl1976/art-deco-at-play/




A jury of MDPL members will select one winner. The winner will receive a $2,000 scholarship prize to be used for educational related costs. All entrants must be students in an accredited program. There is no age limit and no limit on the number of entries per person. The winning poster will be reprinted and sold in perpetuity by MDPL and the image will appear in a variety of forms for Art Deco Weekend merchandise. The image will be displayed in the Art Deco Welcome Center frequented by thousands of guests and it will also be incorporated into outreach material in MDPL’s multi media presentations.  Additionally, for their success in representing the Miami Beach Art Deco Historic District and Art Deco Weekend, the top three poster designs will share the $2000.00 Barbara Baer Capitman Design Excellence Scholarship.

Contact Judith Frankel at Judith@mdpl.org or 305-672-2014 with any questions.

All entries should be submitted in electronic format as either a JPEG or PDF (no larger than 600KB in size) to Judith@mdpl.org by midnight September 30th, 2013.




Please think of the examples we have provided as just that — examples — not something we would want variations of, or repeated. We want something different from our posters of previous years. The art style, not merely the subject, should be deco in nature — with deco elements — which are often geometric, crisp and clean. You may submit as many entries as you desire. For that reason you should not feel restricted — let your imagination run wild! 
Although we mention the color palette of Miami Beach, you can certainly combine almost any pastel with black (which is not on the color palette, but is certainly found in the art, fashion and furniture of the Art Deco period). So we DARE you to be free in this creative endeavor. You should also be aware that the winner will most likely be working with our Resident Artist to make minor, and sometimes, not-so-minor changes, so you need to be open to that, and aware that this is a collaborative process with MDPL to produce the best poster possible to represent the theme for Art Deco Weekend 2014. Good luck and have fun!



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