All Art Deco Weekend lectures are complimentary and will take place at the Wolfsonian-FIU Museum at 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Fl.
           Art Deco Weekend 2013 lectures have yet to be determined.

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The Miami Design Preservation League is currently conducting (videotaping) a series of interviews with longtime Miami Beach residents.

           A sample of MDPL's "VISUAL MEMOIRS PROJECT" will be premiered as part of Art Deco Weekend 2013's Lecture Series. (Details TBA)

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Magic Man

You could say Miami Beach native (Hollywood Writer/Producer) Mitch Glazer has put together a VISUAL MEMOIRS PROJECT of his own. Although fictionalized, Mitch's STARZ television series "MAGIC CITY" was inspired by true stories he heard growing up in Miami Beach, and later while doing research as a South Florida journalist. He originally set out to write a movie script, but realized he had enough material to produce a TV series.

— photograph courtesy STARZ


Mitch Glazer on Lincoln Road, home for the "Magic City" premier at the Colony Theater.


BASED ON A TRUE (GROWING-UP-IN-MIAMI BEACH) STORY — As Frank Sinatra rings in a new year in the grand ballroom of Miami Beach's most luxurious dream palace — the Miramar Hotel — its visionary leader, Ike Evans, must deal with the Mob, his complicated family and a city in the midst of dramatic change as Fidel Castro takes control of Cuba, just 200 miles offshore.

           By day the hotel at the center of 'Magic City' is all diving clown acts and cha-cha lessons by the pool, but at night Miami Beach reveals a darker truth. Dopers, dealers, strippers, gangsters and those who arrest them drift together to hear the top nightclub acts perform. Just beneath the surface, racial tensions stir. Ike must deal with all of this, even while global intrigue is brewing right under his roof.

Further Reading

While waiting for the completion of MDPL's "Memoir Project," we'd like to suggest a terrific and entertaining source of similar information — Joann Biondi's "Miami Beach Memories: A Nostalgic Chronicle of Days Gone By," released in 2006.

"To the rest of the world, Miami Beach may be an exotic sliver of terra not-so-firma, a shimmering, neon-bilious dream, but to the people who lived and worked there in the more-or-less early days, from the 1920s to the 1960s, it was a stage-set paradise, its landscape rippling with stories: happy stories, horrifying stories, stories to make you laugh, gasp, weep.
           "This book, which includes memories of more than 100 residents and visitors—the famous and the in-, is a scrapbook of fragments, words and images, including a photo of crime novelist Edna Buchanan as a belly dancer that by itself is almost worth the jacket price.
           "Here we have ex-jewel thief Jack “Murph the Surf” Murphy on working odd jobs at Beach hotels. Cookbook superstar Maida Heatter on her two-week love affair with Maurice Chevalier. Hot Honey Harlow on ex-husband Lenny Bruce. Stockbroker Everett Lassman on the time Elizabeth Taylor sat in his lap. A few miffed former pals of Larry King on the money he still owes them. Angelo Dundee on Cassius Clay’s announcement that he had become a Muslim: “Who the hell knew what a Muslim was back then? I thought it was a piece of cloth.” There are plenty of the usual big names—Sinatra, Gleason, Sammy Davis Jr., Joe Kennedy, Gloria Swanson, Barbara Walters, The Beatles — plus lots of little names and some fascinating no-names, too.
           "The place had sunlight and the skittery lullaby of swaying palms, but it also had the sort of rhythm and vibe that scrambled the senses, that inflated possibilities and embraced paradox. Where else would Desi Arnaz and Sonny Capone have become high-school classmates? Or the honeymooning Fidel Castro show up the same year as Isaac Bashevis Singer? Where else would Meyer Lansky have blended in so well with other polyester retirees taking their dogs on a morning stroll?"
           Miami Beach Memories: A Nostalgic Chronicle of Days Gone By is an oral history of the people and events that shaped this tropical island from the 1920s through the 1960s. To create this engaging and accessible volume, Biondi interviewed 101 residents, from maids and taxi drivers to burlesque strippers, convicted criminals, and famous actors and comedians. Their memories form a vivid portrait of life in the island's "Golden Era," one marked by incredible cultural and social changes. In addition, hundreds of black-and-white archival photos, some by famous celebrity photographer Ray Fisher, bring these voices and Miami Beach's history to life.

— Margaria Fichtner (The Miami Herald)