Orange Blossom "Special"


Introducing an Art Deco Original

           The original "Orange Blossom" was a simple mixture of Gin, Orange Juice, and a few dashes of Orange Bitters. Often today, an orange liqueuer is added.




Considering this year's Art Deco Weekend is celebrating Florida's 500th Anniversary, more specifically on the 1920s when Miami Beach was the jewel in the state's "Land Boom" crown, the Miami Design Preservation League will unveil the future's Orange Blossom Cocktail.

           Calling it the "Orange Blossom Special," we're hoping to choose a favorite from a number of concoctions created by (but not limited to) one of the many celebrity bartenders working on Miami Beach, a town, overflowing with sophisticated nightclubs, lounges, and bars that thrive after midnight.

           So what better time and place to introduce the "SPECIAL," than at our MIDNIGHT IN MIAMI party at the ART DECO WEEKEND UNDERGROUND SPEAKEASY.


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