"Show Your Claws"


[LISTEN] "Show Your Claws" by Phantasm 


Hailing from Philadelphia, Phantasm recalls another time of a hard-edged progressive rock.

— Steve Rosplock (top left) by Cherilyn Kirschbaum (Cherry Tree Photography)

— Aaron White (top right) by GMSPhotography

— Jay Yachetta (above) by Heather Zachowski


Welcome to the Machine

Exhibiting an always-present sense of humor, Phantasm made this "top-ten list" (video) to announce the title of its most recent album.

           PHANTASM IS:

           — Steven Rosplock (guitar/Manor host)

           — Jay Yachetta (drums/Manor sidekick)

           — Aaron White (bass/missing from the Manor)

"Two Left Feet"

Phantasm plays the 2009 Wimbash at Sully's Pub & Tiki Bar in Hartford, Connecticut.



           With onstage exploits such as recording and sampling their own music live, and using power tools for instruments, PHANTASM has literally drilled itself into the United States’ live rock scene. The band has already played more than 800 shows in a career that is still accelerating.
           The Philadelphia-based trio’s explosive stage act gains praise from critics, fans, and musicians alike. Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish caught Phantasm’s set at a dive bar in Hartford, Connecticut and was blown away.
            “You are one of the best bands I’ve seen in a long time,” Wimbish told drummer, Jay Yachetta after the show. Wimbish invited Phantasm to play his Annual WimBash, the next night at Sully’s Pub & Tiki Bar, another small bar/pizza joint in Hartford, Wimbish’s hometown.
           Less than one month later, Wimbish invited Phantasm to open for Living Colour on the East Coast leg of its 2009 Chair in the Doorway World Tour.
           You may also have seen Phantasm’s name on marquis with notable acts such as:
Andrew W.K.
Mos Def
Closure In Moscow
The Memorials (feat. Thomas Pridgen)
As Tall As Lions
Terrible Things (feat. Fred Macherino)
Just Like Vinyl (feat. Thomas Erak)
Michael Angelo Batio
The Locust
The Sleeping
           The band brought their momentum from the road to the studio to record their fourth album Impossible Machines.
           “We have released albums before, but not like this.” says drummer Jay Yachetta. “The album has only been out for a week and people are already singing some of the songs back when we play.”
           The fan favorite so far is “Sho Nuff” (The bands homage to 1985′s Kung Fu flick The Last Dragon). A call and response song where singer, Steven Rosplock shouts “Am I the baddest?” the gang vocal shouts back “Sho Nuff!”
           “While writing this record we really took a step back and tried to hear the song from the audience’s perspective. We wanted to make songs that people really love, not just impress them with our playing, or our lust for smashing things on stage.” explains Rosplock. “These songs are for everyone, not just me.”
           Now it is time for Phantasm to dust off the power drill and hit the road to promote their new album. Impossible Machines is available now on iTunes and at live shows.